Comprehensive Solutions for Workforce Well-Being

Provide a Comprehensive Solution for Workforce Well-Being

For over 75 years, workers have trusted GOJO® products to safely and effectively clean their hands and keep their skin healthy. The GOJO Manufacturing Solution combines proven hand cleaner formulations, designed to remove even the toughest soils, with PURELL® hand sanitisers, which are universally recognised and trusted for effective protection from germs.
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1 143 UK end users surveyed on their experiences of using PURELL hygienic hand rub – June 2021

A complete solution for cleanliness and skin health

The GOJO Manufacturing Solution offers a comprehensive range of products designed to remove even the toughest soils, kill germs, and protect skin health.

GOJO® Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner

GOJO Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner

GOJO SUPRO MAX™ Hand Cleaner

Cleans Natural Scrub Olive Scrub SUPRO MAX
TAR - Tar and asphalt fillers, road material and adhesives. i.e. Roofing Tars, Gasket Sealers, Asphalt and Asphalt Sealers, Creosote.
ADHESIVES - Glue, caulks and other sticky bonding chemicals. i.e. Tub & Tile Caulk, Construction Adhesives, Silicone Sealers.
GRAPHITE - Naturally occurring form of carbon. Used within the steel industry as a lubricant. Used to make brake linings and has a variety of other uses.
OIL - Animal or petroleum-based liquids, typically with a low level of contaminants or added particulates. i.e. New Lubrication Oil, Cutting Oil, Clean Motor Oil.
GREASE - Heavy lubricating greases or contaminated oils, heavy carbon content and hard to remove particulates. i.e. Used or Dirty Oil‑Based Liquids, Carbon Black (Carbon Dust) Bearing Grease, Brake Dust.
PAINT - Oil-based paints, stains and inks. i.e. Shellacs, Urethanes, Varnish, Oil‑Based Paints, Wood Stains, Modern Printing Inks.
DIRT - Everyday dirt and dust that is typically not bonded to the skin. i.e. Mud, Clay, Soil.

GOJO Tough Soils Formulations

The GOJO Manufacturing Solution offers a professional range of high-quality skin cleaning solutions for removing a spectrum of industrial soils. These products are made using innovative formulas with natural ingredients, fresh fragrances, and good skin compatibility to help keep workers’ hands clean and healthy.

GOJO PRO™ TDX™ Tough Soils Dispensers

The rugged, high capacity GOJO PRO TDX dispensers are engineered to withstand heavy use in even the toughest environments. These systems have easy-to-load refills and portion-controlled dispensing to minimise waste. Each refill comes ready-to-install with a fresh valve to ensure there is no contamination, leaking, or clogging. The large sight window shows when the refill is running low, making it easy to maintain.

GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner

The GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner has been formulated to quickly and effectively remove grease, oil and tar. It contains plant‑based scrubbing particles (apricot stones & corn seed), mild surfactants, and is enriched with plant-based glycerin for skin conditioning.

GOJO Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner

GOJO Olive Scrub Hand Cleaner features a fresh scent and plant-based scrubbing particles. It has been formulated for maximum cleaning power on a variety of soils including tar, paint and adhesive. Ideal for heavy manufacturing, workshops and garages.

GOJO SUPRO MAX™ Hand Cleaner

A fast and effective hand cleaner with gentle scrubbers to remove tough or sticky soils. This hand cleaner is effective on oil, grease, paint, and adhesives, and contains a unique blend of cleaners and skin conditioners to help leave the skin feeling healthy.


The rugged GOJO PRO TDX dispensers are engineered to withstand the toughest environments. These systems have easy to load refills and portion controlled dispensing that helps minimise waste. A fresh valve is included on each refill to ensure there is no contamination, leaks or clogs. The PRO TDX dispensing system features high capacity refills for high volume needs, one-hand push operation, and a modern design with diamond-plate effect that looks great in tough soils environment.

GOJO HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner

Specifically formulated for professional technicians for use in their work environments. Quickly absorbs, with a non‑greasy after feel. Use before work, after handwashing and at the end of the day to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Dermatologist tested. Water based and unfragranced.


The ADX-7 dispensers offer exceptional reliability, easy service, and a design that looks good in any environment. The large sight window and skylight make it easy to see when the refill is running low. The GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refills snap quickly and easily into place and protect users from the contamination risks of bulk products.

GOJO PROTECT Pre-Work Skin Cream

A cream to be applied before work to provide a protective coating against water based and non‑water based soils (oils, greases, solvents, inks, resins, paints, etc). It has a non-greasy after feel.

GOJO Tough Soils Placement Boards

Three step placement boards and individual placement boards are available with protocols for hand hygiene regimen, making it easy for your colleagues to practice good hand hygiene.

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