PURELL® Hand Sanitiser: delivering formulation without compromise

PURELL® Hand Sanitiser: delivering formulation without compromise

PURELL formulations are built on decades of scientific innovation, and as a result, the PURELL brand is recognised by guests, customers, and employees for providing world-class solutions. This lets you take credit for all the things you do to maintain a clean, high-quality facility that prioritises their well-being.

What is meant by “formulation without compromise”?

Maintaining skin health is an essential part of good hand hygiene, and PURELL products are scientifically proven to help skin stay moisturised and feeling soft – even with frequent use.

The products that make up The PURELL SOLUTION give you the strength you need without harsh chemicals, so there’s no compromising safety for effectiveness.

From America’s number one brand of instant hand sanitisers comes a formulation that kills 99.99% of most common germs that may be harmful.

The sanitising gels from PURELL provide:

  • Easy hand hygiene options everywhere soap and water aren’t available.
  • Efficacy in critical situations, while maintaining skin health in high-use environments.
  • Formulations with the mildest, most effective ingredients available, including moisturisers and skin conditioners.

PURELL Surface Sanitising Spray & Wipes

Backed by years of scientific expertise, the PURELL brand also brings you surface sanitising spray and wipes. These products are approved for food-contact surfaces and don’t require rinsing.

  • Fast acting formula quickly eliminates germs.
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal.
  • Compatible on most smooth surfaces including desks, tables, toys, fitness equipment, and more.

The PURELL SOLUTION leverages uncompromising hygiene products – to provide guests, customers, and employees with products that work and that they feel great about using.


Stay healthy!

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